Creative point-of-sale finance, designed around you for your customers

Helping customers is good business. Helping customers to buy from you is better business.

With accessible and quick to arrange finance, your SME business customers can benefit from flexible payment terms matched to their business income, making it easier for them to decide to buy from you. Making a purchase to invest in their business has just become a whole lot easier!

No two businesses are alike, but cashflow is a constant feature and rarely does it make sense to pay for a business investment from working capital.

Buyline for business is here to help you sell to SME businesses and to make that purchase decision easier by aligning payment to their business income.

Here’s how Buyline for business can work for you
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Here’s how Buyline for business can work for you

Buyline for business makes it easy for your customers to finance their investment purchases from you.

We will work with you to create finance offers that promote sales and deliver value to you and your customers.

Typically, we provide finance on purchases between £1,000 and £10,000. We use Hire Purchase agreements because they provide flexibility in repayment plans, finance periods and deposits.

Unlike some finance providers, if your customers are newly established businesses then we are happy to consider these also.

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If you’ve had some experience of using business finance before, then you will find our friendly team take a different approach. We are always happy to talk and not to base our lending decisions solely on the financial strength of your customers balance sheet. We look at potential, which is often the primary reason for the investment purchase in the first place.

Are your customers consumers?

If your customers are consumers, then we can help them also.

Please look here to see how Buyline helps consumers finance their purchases.

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